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    Computer Maintenace Program

    The Computer Maintenance program is designed to prepare students for employment/postsecondary education related to the design, development, installation, implementation, use and management of computers and various computer devices. The program prepares students for employment in various positions such as Applications Specialist, Desktop Technician, Field Service Technician, Hardware Technician/Engineer, Help Desk Technician/Manager, IT Designer, IT Systems Administrator, IT Support Technician, PC Technician, Program Analyst, Security Systems Technician, Systems Analyst, Systems Operations Specialist, Systems Support Technician, Technical Sales Representative, Technical Support Technician/Manager, Technical Writer, Telecommunications Support Technician or Training Manager.

    An integrated approach of teaching and learning is provided as students apply their academic foundations of math, reading and communication skills to enhance their technical knowledge and analytical and problem-solving skills that are associated with functions within Computer Maintenance occupations. Students will learn effective methods to troubleshooting problems using good communication skills by asking key questions, listening for technical problems and, in turn, explaining problems in an understandable way. Students will also use appropriate diagnostic tools to assess and diagnose computer problems. Advanced critical thinking skills will be developed with applied interpersonal relations, life skills, business, economic and leadership skills, as well as workplace employability skills.

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