• I believe it is important to share my vision and core beliefs that drive my leadership and decision making.  My vision and core beliefs have influenced my career for the past 26 years as a teacher, principal, and district leader. 


    My vision is to create learning environments that offer our students opportunities for growth not only in the academic realm but also in the social/emotional. I take pride in creating safe schools where relationships are pivotal and respect is mandatory. Ultimately, I want to ensure that each student has the opportunity to meet and maximize his or her full potential as individuals and contribute to our larger society.


    I have focused my career in serving highly diverse and underrepresented youth.  It is important to find equitable solutions that provide the necessary resources and supports to ensure every student thrives in a supportive and engaging learning environment.


    Instructional delivery is the most important work in our school system. Teachers need to have the support to meet the needs of our student with effective instructional professional development and quality curriculum resources. 


    We are stronger together through building relationships. My most important part of leadership is building teams. There are basic characteristics that make a team effective they are: trust, respect, maturity and flexibility. I am very results-driven because our students deserve the best. A healthy environment is one that encourages honest conversation, productive problem-solving, effective conflict resolution, and collaborative effort.  

    Continuous Improvement

    Data driven practices lead to reflection and a realization of what is working, what needs to be improved, and what we need to do next. Learning from both our successes and challenges is essential to identify and prioritize practices that will produce positive results across our organization.