• Phase 1

    Analyzing, Planning and Closing SY19



    This phase will consist of analyzing the curriculum audits with individual school principals and discussing next steps of implementation. Individual school goals will be developed. Processes and systems will be analyzed such as master schedule, staffing, professional development and leadership development. An instructional design will be finalized to ensure proper planning for teacher training and additional professional development in the areas of instruction and classroom management. The beginning phase of the development of the district strategic plan will begin with the identification of areas and goals for the SY20 focus. This is an important phase as processes and procedures will be established to look at existing data and the implementation of the CSI grants for each individual school




    One-on-One meetings with: CEO, Graduation Committee, ADE specialist, CFO, DRP Director, Marketing consultant, and community partnerships 


    Meetings with each school principal and personnel to discuss the following topics including: Special Education, English Language Learners, curriculum & instruction, assessment, interventions, tutoring, professional learning, environments development, performance management, talent management, instructional technology, strategic planning, and budgeting


    Meetings with key stakeholders including:

    principals, teachers, focus groups, registrars, students, student leadership groups, community organization association leaders, university and college partners