Principal's Message

  • Career Success Friends and Families,

    My name is Kelly Sheick, I became the principal of Career Success’s main campus fall 2016.  I spent 10 years as a classroom teacher and the last eight years as an administrator. Through my actions you will know my commitment to you, to the students of Career Success, and to this community. I’d like to share my beliefs about education from which you may deduce the expectations that I hold as principal.

    First, I am a supporter of both students and teachers. I believe what is right for the student must be made possible by school administration. If we have great teachers in our classrooms, support from our student families, then we can all be secure in the fact students are being taught what they need to know to be successful in life.

    Many students come to Career Success with a variety of academic challenges. Many have had negative experiences in their previous schools. There is little we can do to change the past but what the staff at Career Success can do is control what happens today and each day going forward in our school and classrooms. I hope to create positive educational experiences and help every student learn to love to learn.   

    Every student needs a high school diploma. Every student will need some form of post-secondary training or education to compete in a 21st century economy. Our goal must be a 100% graduation rate and we must do everything within our power to achieve that goal.

    The staff at Career Success will set high standards and high expectations for every student. We will find ways to hold students accountable to those standards and expectations, while supporting students as they learn. The staff will find a way to help every student reach his/her highest potential with the compassion and the dignity that every human deserves.

    Finally, I believe that educators need to be held to high standards by our communities, by our students, and by our colleagues. I strive to be a model of integrity, honesty, commitment and compassion and I ask the same of the staff at Career Success.

    My phone line is open. My door is open. And I promise to find the time to sit with and listen to your concerns. I cannot always afford you the luxury of having your way, but I hope you will always feel that I value your time and, more importantly, that I value you.

    I am proud to serve as the principal at Career Success and promise to work hard every day and allow my actions to tell the story of who I am and of my commitment to this school and each of our students.

    Ms. Kelly Sheick

    Kelly Sheick