RLD High School

    Welcome !

    It is a sincere pleasure and honor to welcome you to Robert L. Duffy High School. There are so many great happenings here on camps that we are excited about.  We are extremely proud of our momentum and growth as we move forward in making success for all students the norm. 

     Our 8th grade offerings this year will include a class entitled “Communication, Coding, and Mini Sphero.” The wave of the future dictates that students will need to communicate effectively, and in many different ways. The ability to write computer code and work with facial recognition programming will certainly help them rank among the top!

    Core Computer Lab instruction will be enhanced by offering a variety of well planned blended learning lessons in all grades. These lessons will include the introduction to various software programs leading up to projects and include multi-media presentations.

    High school students will now have the option to study Coding and Network Security through or partnership with WozU Education. Students who elect this pathway from 9th grade on will have the potential to graduate with an industry-recognized certificate in Coding or Network Security. This is a tremendous opportunity that will greatly enhance our program.


    Looking forward to a fantastic school year…  See you soon!