• Career Success High Schools provide a year long 30-minute advisory class. This class is designed to help students balance academic load with their future goals. Students have lessons on how to respond to time management, study skills, college readiness, goal setting, and grade calculation.


    The Arizona State Board of Education, in February 2008, voted into board rule the Education Career Action Plan for students in grades 9–12. Arizona educators believe that integrating the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process into all facets of the school experience enables students to be lifelong learners and problem solvers, developing and applying 21st-century skills to their life experiences—as students, as workers, as consumers, and as responsible citizens. With the ability to identify skills and interests and to apply that knowledge to create their own ECAPs, our students will have developed needed skills to advance in a more fluid, seamless transition, meeting 21st-century technologies, postsecondary requirements, eventually the work-place.

    ECAP is an ongoing process that empowers students to create a meaningful and individualized plan toward postsecondary success. With support and guidance from their families, school personnel and other advisors, students undergo a process of:

    • Self-Exploration
    • Career Exploration
    • Career Planning & Management

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