Each Career Success High School has a credit recovery program designed to help students recover credits they failed to receive in their previous schools. 


    Students enrolled in credit recovery will meet with their Advisor and design a program of study to make up the credits. Students may be allowed to take extra classes or complete a computer-based class where they can work at their own pace. Independent study is also allowed where the work can be done at home.          


    Earning Credits

    1.   Short 9-Week Classes: 10 credits per year taking classes


    2.   Full Credits per school year granted for working


    3.   Doing Independent Packets covering class requirements. Work at your own

            pace and on your own time. Earn credits 2x as fast.


          a.  College classes can be taken for dual credit at the community colleges.

          b.  If approved tuition can be covered through our scholarship program.

          c.  Class can be taken in your career field of interest. 


    We can’t express enough how important it is today to obtain your HS Diploma and then to continue on for additional training in college or in a trade. Your income from working over the next 40 to 50 years, your adult life, will be much greater with an education, not to mention the most important fact that you will be doing what you want to do.

    If you have any Questions please contact your Principal.