• About Career Success Charter Schools
    WE at the Career Success Schools believe that “Our Philosophy” and the staff’s commitment to it is the thread that binds us and makes us successful with all students. In talking with students, teachers and administrators we determined that the following 3 things are important in a high school education:

    Core curriculum classes in English, Math, Social Studies and Science emphasizing skills in Reading, Writing and Math. The State of Arizona has adopted College and Career Readiness Standards. Teaching and having students master the standards for each subject is vital. Tutoring is available if needed.

    Activities and Classes that teach Social Skills
    Elective classes of high interest to the student. Involvement and hands-on activities that promote interaction, character building and self-confidence. Activities can be project oriented that teach the life skills and build upon the academic skills learned in the core classes.

    Career Focused Classes
    The World of Work awaits every student. Career Success believes that the high school experience should expose students to a career choice of their interest. The career classes will identify the student's aptitude for the career and teach the skills that will enable the student to gain an entry-level job in that career field.
    Actual certifications and licensing will be available in our Medical Program, (CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant), Cosmetology, and others, as we further develop programs.
    Career Success High School also believes that every graduate should have an ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan) to continue their education either in a community college, 4-year university or trade and technical school. CSHS will make every effort to assist each graduate, along with the parent, to visit and/or learn about the college, obtain financial aid and scholarship information and prepare documents and letters of recommendation for admission.

    areer Success Schools Believes That:
    • Every child can succeed.
    • Failure is not an Option.
    • Young People do not Rise to Low Expectations.
    • Constant Motivation is the Key and Never, Never, Ever Give Up.    

      Mr. Duffy

    Bob Duffy
    Founder of Career Success Schools.